Antwan, the warrior poet

Antwan's personality has always fascinated me. Anyone who reads my facebook, knows he's a walking "kid who says the darndest things." ( :  From the beginning, he has been strong-willed, but very sweet and gentle.  Brian used to call him a "warrior poet."  He's very strong and all-boy, but has the ability to show the compassion … Continue reading Antwan, the warrior poet

My son thinks I’m a dinosaur.

Before bedtime, William was reading through his favorite dinosaur book.  He loves dinosaurs.  Pointing at one, "Mom, do you think this looks like what you look like when you get mad?"Me- "Maybe a little."William - "You know, if you were a dinosaur."Me - "Sure."William - "I'm going to call it the Mommysaurus!"Not the bedtime conversation … Continue reading My son thinks I’m a dinosaur.

How not to style a black child’s hair.

Before the boys, we talked about the possibility of adopting black children.  We knew we didn’t care, on a personal level.  But, we worried about how society would react and, if it was a girl, we worried about how we would do the hair.  When the call came about the boys, we instantly knew that, no … Continue reading How not to style a black child’s hair.

Adopting Lizzie

I had to go to the courthouse, the other day, to try to replace some lost paperwork, from Lizzie's adoption.  I hadn't been there since the day that we finalized her adoption.  It was such a happy day, but I had definitely enjoyed not going back.  As soon as I walked in, I got an … Continue reading Adopting Lizzie