Is love colorblind?

"I made you black." William said, kind of sheepishly.  We were sitting in the play area at the mall.  Antwan and Lizzie were playing.  I had ordered William to take a break from his new Nintendo 3ds, so he could get some exercise.  But, instead, he had moved on to telling me about everything that he … Continue reading Is love colorblind?

I am happy to be his mom.

It is a known fact that if I sit down anywhere in my house, I won't be sitting there alone very long.  Because there will soon be a little Parker ready to visit.  The kids were happily playing so I sat down in my beloved recliner and opened my laptop.  I was ready to sneak in … Continue reading I am happy to be his mom.

Watching Television During Dinner.

We usually have the tv on during dinner.  I've never been quite sure how I feel about that, but I know that Brian and I both like the background noise.  Of course, this usually means that one of the kids has to be told, at some point, to stop watching tv and eat dinner.   … Continue reading Watching Television During Dinner.

My son doesn’t like change.

"I'm scared to turn 9."  It was the last thing that we expected to hear.  After days of random and inexplicable behaviors, William finally said those words to Brian.And, suddenly it made sense.  We understood why just a few days before his birthday, William was refusing to do his work, drawing on his pants, and, … Continue reading My son doesn’t like change.