Who Took Care Of Me When I Was A Baby?

As we were getting out of the van the other morning, Antwan randomly asked me, “Mommy, when I was a little baby, who took care of me?”I kind of wanted to lie.  I didn’t technically take care of him when he was a little baby.  (Although 13 months is still very much a baby.)  I sure … Continue reading Who Took Care Of Me When I Was A Baby?

Points For Honesty?

Lizzie and Antwan are very close.  There are the typical brother/sister moments, of course.  But, in the end (and most of the rest of the time), they've got each others' back.Antwan is very protective of Lizzie and I enjoy the knowledge that he'll only be one grade ahead of her in school.  God help the kid who … Continue reading Points For Honesty?

Doing The Right Thing

Since we were contacted by Patrick’s case worker, I have learned a couple of things.  I’ve learned that some people have strong opinions about pre-teen boys.  And, I have learned that the more someone tells me to do something, the more determined I get to do what I think is right.And, what do I think … Continue reading Doing The Right Thing

My kid’s a nice guy.

From the beginning, which in William's case was at age 5, we have tried to instill compassion and courtesy in the kids.  William's counselor recently told me that kids with ADHD (like William) don't have empathy.  I quickly decided that was either just not true or that William was one of the "good ones."  Because every day, … Continue reading My kid’s a nice guy.

Can we adopt my brother?

"Can we adopt Patrick?"We were eating dinner and William asked the question suddenly.  I don't really remember how we reacted, but, in my head, it was very dramatic and movie-like.  The table got silent for a minute and the question hung in the air...well, dramatically.  In reality, Lizzie and Antwan were probably making tons of noise, … Continue reading Can we adopt my brother?

Sibling Separation in Foster Care

There are many things that happen when a child is removed from the birth family.  Some good, some bad.   In my opinion, the most tragic is sibling separation.  It's a reality of foster care.  Siblings are separated due to availability in foster homes, to raise their chances of being adopted, or for various other reasons.  Even as just a pair, … Continue reading Sibling Separation in Foster Care