Points For Honesty?

Lizzie and Antwan are very close.  There are the typical brother/sister moments, of course.  But, in the end (and most of the rest of the time), they’ve got each others’ back.
Antwan is very protective of Lizzie and I enjoy the knowledge that he’ll only be one grade ahead of her in school.  God help the kid who decides to mess with Lizzie while her big brother is around.
William and Antwan used to share a room.  That was before I hid a camera, in a desperate attempt to see what they were really up to at night.  Turns out, they were up to a lot.  So we decided to try out a different living arrangement.  Lizzie and Antwan became roommates. 
Gone was my wonderful plan of making her room a girly, princessy paradise.  We moved in all the boy stuff and the room became even less organized than it already was.  Didn’t know that was possible! 😉
I may not have a pink room, but it did get much more peaceful in the house. 
Most of the time, Antwan and Lizzie like going to bed because they enjoy hanging out.  (And, most of the time, William enjoys having his own space.)  Of course, they don’t enjoy it as much when it’s time to turn out the lights and go to bed; but transition time kind of rocks.
Last night, after a long day, I had my fingers crossed for an easy bedtime.  Lizzie and Antwan were in their room, not making much noise at all. 
So, I waited a few extra minutes before calling “Lights out!”
There was no response.
Me, again – “Lights out!”
For reasons, unknown to me, I yelled “Last chance!”
I then realized that I had just threatened them with their last chance to turn out the lights and go to sleep.  Maybe not my most effective parenting strategy…
Either way, there was still no response. 
Grumpy, I dragged myself out of my recliner.  (Hadn’t intended to do that anytime soon.) and headed to the room.
I found them, both lying in Antwan’s bed, playing with their Batman toys.  They barely even noticed me.
Still in official grump mode and notquite ready to embrace the cuteness (but, wow, it was cute!), I said “I called lights out.  Are you just ignoring me???’
Lizzie said “no,” but Antwan, casually said “Yes.”
I didn’t know whether to admire his honesty, hope that he didn’t really understand the question, or get offended.  I opted for not knowing what to say to the unexpected response.  I sent Lizzie back to her bed (she wasn’t a fan) and turned the lights out myself.
And, I never heard another sound.  (Like I said, it was a long day.)
Sometimes he hangs out in her bed, too!

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