Pirates Get The Best Doughnuts

I wouldn't say that I'm a huge pirate fan.  But, when I heard that Krispy Kreme was giving out doughnuts on "Talk Like A Pirate Day," I suddenly became interested. Thanks to facebook, I learned that they would give a free doughnut to anyone who came in and talked like a pirate.  Pretty cool!  Or, they would … Continue reading Pirates Get The Best Doughnuts

Clucking for Free Chicken

This is what I love about my family.  Brian came home from work and I was expecting a mostly boring night since he was planning to watch a football game.  I was fine with the football, but didn't expect much excitement in my evening.  So, he comes home and says that someone from work said that Pollo … Continue reading Clucking for Free Chicken

The Big Brother Visited, part 3.

Last time...Patrick found all my buttons and pushed them, said thank you and brushed his teeth, and  tried to be nice to his little brother...Part 2---http://www.the5parkers.com/2012/08/previously-on-big-brother-visits.htmlAnd, finally, the rest of the story. :)So, it became clear, pretty quickly that Patrick wasn’t into anything that I planned.  He liked the movies, but anything else that involved us … Continue reading The Big Brother Visited, part 3.

How Not To Be Cool

I often wonder what my kids will think of me when they're older.  Sometimes it helps me remember to take the extra time to have special moments because I know they'll remember them.  Sometimes it's the reason I insist on traditions so they can continue them and look back on them, years later when we are … Continue reading How Not To Be Cool