The Big Brother’s Coming For Christmas.

Wow, my head continues to spin.So, we were busy reacting to the fact that Patrick told his case worker that he was considering whether he wanted to be adopted by us (despite the fact that it hadn't been officially presented to him as an option) and planning for a December visit...(backstory -, I talked … Continue reading The Big Brother’s Coming For Christmas.

Being Thankful, eventually.

Because, apparently, I was only thankful for two weeks and no one can accuse me of not following through...  (Oh, wait, lots of people can accuse me of that.)  Anyway, I wanted to finish up my "thankful" November blogs.  It's November somewhere, right? ;)I'm not going to try to go day-by-day because, well, that would be crazy.  So, … Continue reading Being Thankful, eventually.

Four-Legged Adoption Is Forever, Too.

So, this weekend's excitement was adding a dog to our home again.  Ever since our Ben passed away, the house has been so very dog-less.  It's also been less hairy, less noisy, and less messy (kind of).  But, mostly it's been dog-less.  At first, I couldn't stand the idea of a different dog in the house.  … Continue reading Four-Legged Adoption Is Forever, Too.