Finalization Anniversary

Today is the 5 year anniversary of the day that we adopted William and Antwan.  Some years on this day, Brian is working.  Some years, someone is sick.  Some years, something else is complicating things.  Some years, I feel like we don’t do enough to recognize it.  Although, each year, we tell them stories of the day.  We probably tell the same stories each year, but William always patiently listens. 

This year, Brian  wasn’t working, though.  This year, I managed to get off work a little early.  This year, there was no complication.  So, we went to dinner.  We told the kids stories about the day, probably the same stories of last year.  We told stories of when we met them, and stories of when Lizzie showed up.  The cool thing was that  they listened and really enjoyed them.

We came home and had popsicles and ice cream.  And then Brian and I remembered how hard it is to get kids to bed after they had popsicles and ice cream. 🙂

Right before they started bouncing off the walls…

Eventually, they were ready for bed.  We hugged them good night and I dramatically looked each of my children in the eyes and said “I’m so glad that I’m your mom.”  The boys both smiled and each hugged me a little harder.  Lizzie just kind of laughed.  You see, she’s very confident in her knowledge that we are lucky to have her. 😉

It was a simple and perfect night.  The last five years have truly been an adventure and I really, really am so glad that I’m their mom. 🙂

Our boys

Lizzie wanted in on the action when she saw me taking a picture of the boys, haha.


Thought I’d reshare the blog post that I wrote, a couple of years ago, about the day of the finalization. 🙂

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