Why Moms Don’t Go Out Much

The older I get, the harder it is to drag myself out of the house. I know I'm not alone in this. 🙂 This is mostly because once kids entered the picture, leaving the house became such a project. Even if I'm going out alone! You would think that would be easy but there's so much … Continue reading Why Moms Don’t Go Out Much

I Assure You I Couldn’t Love My Children More

I've gotten better. I'm less sensitive than I used to be. I don't get all inwardly worked up like I did in the past. There are still things that really bother me about this adoption reality, though. I don't like it, to put it mildly, when anyone but me gets called their mom and I … Continue reading I Assure You I Couldn’t Love My Children More

More Cooking For Lazy People -Chicken-Style

Years before becoming a mom, I used to nanny for the sweetest little boys. I loved the family dearly and I also loved the fact that the mom was a great cook. And every couple weeks, she would make Chicken Casserole and tell me to help myself to the leftovers. And it was so awesome! While I … Continue reading More Cooking For Lazy People -Chicken-Style

Daring Myself To Be Patient.

Love is patient. I can't think of many truer statements except maybe something like "chocolate is life." Or "Sleep is awesome," but "love is patient" is up there. I have a soft spot for the cliche and the verse that it comes from.  Brian and I used it in our wedding and we later scooped up this plaque when we saw it at … Continue reading Daring Myself To Be Patient.

Mop Your Cares Away With The O-Cedar ProMist Max

Ok, so with four kids and more animals than I want to admit to, I am constantly on the hunt for better cleaning products. And extra points if it's a product that the kids can effectively use. I have 2 or 3 versions of Swiffers and I love them. Swiffers are definitely easier than a mop and a bucket which … Continue reading Mop Your Cares Away With The O-Cedar ProMist Max

Cooking For Lazy People!

I was so determined to have a family and I'm so grateful for it, but it's a little less exciting when it's time to make them dinner. And with four kids, it's super hard to find something that they all like.  But, Beef and Rice Casserole is one of those dishes.  Ok, that's not entirely … Continue reading Cooking For Lazy People!