The Buddy Bandana Is Perfect For Your Buddy (Or Not)

I am adding to this post due to the fact that after posting it, I received several comments from people (as can be seen below) who had negative shared experiences with the company. Not receiving their paid for products and not being able to successfully communicate with the company are the common themes. As a huge animal lover, I would never knowingly endorse a company that does not have animals’ best interests at heart and that does not treat their customers as they should.

The original post is below but is not necessarily an accurate portrayal of The Buddy Bandana.



So I saw that Buddy Bandanas was looking for brand ambassadors and I was all over it. Was it because I absolutely love the idea of matching my dog? Actually, yes. Because to me, there’s nothing cuter than a dog wearing a bandana, bow tie, or a little outfit.  And, you’re telling me that I could have a scrunchie to match?? Shut up and take my money!



And then I looked into the company and I was really all over it.

You see, not only are these bandanas and scrunchies handmade but the company’s mission is to help homeless animals. They have the mission of helping the countless dogs in the shelters. Purchasing these products helps them donate money to dogs in need. There is no bad there.

In their words – “The Buddy Bandana was born in Boston in 2019. Our mission is to spread awareness and raise money for rescue organizations across the country. Each year approximately 1.5 Million shelter animals are euthanized, (670,000 dogs). We pride ourselves on donating to no kill shelters to support and save animals in need.”

This is a cause close to my heart. The overpopulation of animals, specifically dogs, in this case, is both heartbreaking and infuriating. And as the humans, I feel it is our responsibility to do what we can. And, this is a pretty easy way to help. Not to mention an adorable way!



So check out The Buddy Bandana and use the code WOOF for 40 percent off for your very own. 🙂



29 thoughts on “The Buddy Bandana Is Perfect For Your Buddy (Or Not)

    1. This happened to me. No reaponse to emails, questions, no use of photos. Item stated it was “handmade” and appears thin cheap and mass produced.


  1. I bought some Bandas from this company and never received them. I’ve filed a fraud claim with my credit card company. I reached out several times to the company via text, Instagram and their contact us on their web page and never get a response. The link they sent me to track my package never worked. Don’t buy from this company!

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    1. Unfortunately I did too. I tried to buy a scrunchie for my sister, got an email saying that it would be here within 5 days, and then never heard from them again… Now I see you’re having the same problem. *sigh* Looks like it’s time for me to call my bank…

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  2. Hello,

    The buddy bandana doesn’t respond to their customers. I bought two bandanas and only received one. I’ve tried multiple times contacting their website, instagram, and their gmail. If you are having trouble please report to better business bureau so you can get your items. That is what I’m doing and everyone else should too so no more customers are scammed.

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      1. Can you make a new post about this company so nobody tries to buy from them again. Because this still tries to promote the company. I’ve tried to comment on their Instagram but they blocked me so I can’t give my real true opinion. I would really appreciate it.


      2. I did finally receive my product, however, there was an error with what they sent. I’ve tried to contact them to make it right but they don’t respond.  So very sad that they treat customers this way.  

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  3. They are a complete scam. The items are cheap and not handmade. It’s a robot who answers you. They never use any photos you send. They didn’t respond to any email so I posted a comment On their IG post only to have it removed and my personal account blocked by them.


  4. I also got scammed, and luckily found this blog and see I’m not alone. I’m so sad…because I truly wanted to help, I have 2 adopted dogs of my own. Ugh.


  5. They are scammers, you really should edit/remove your post. You are endorsing people that are stealing from people and do not support the shelter they claim to help.


  6. How long did it take after you placed your order to receive it? I’m going on almost 4 weeks so I’m thinking I’m also going to be one of the unlucky people who got scammed.


  7. I bought 2 bandanas and 2 headbands- got a text it had shipped but no tracking information. When i emailed, they said they were unable to provide tracking at the moment. They sent an email that said “we hope it delivers soon” and then went silent. I too will be filing fraud with my bank. There is absolutely no way you are unable to provide tracking.


  8. Hello-I have never received my item in over two month after ordering and the refuse to answer my emails-in which I have sent over 15+ emails trying to get my money back. They are a SCAM and it needs to become public knowledge not to order from them.


  9. I saw the on instagram with a post saying will looking for dog models. If you wish to be a part of us please send a message so I did just that. They tell you the benefit wish is a 40% of the product and them when you receive you make a post and tag them. But I order the Bandana, scrunching and headband and it use to cost $30.00 with the discount it was like 22.00 something cause of the shipping but I only received the bandana and scrunching never the headband. I had to wait two months for a answer next thing I know they tell me the set I selected did add the headband but that not what they said when I was paying so don’t fall for it.


    1. I wonder if there is a way we could contact Instagram to have them stop advertising them. I still get them as a sponsored add in my story feed and it irritates me every time I see it.


  10. I’m super glad I saw this …. They contacted me this morning about being an ambassador. I was all for it and told them yes and was just about to order my stuff. Now I’m not going to! Thank you to all of you for posting and commenting so others don’t fall for the scam!


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