Effective Ways To Lose Weight By A Novice

Some time ago, I told my doctor strange my concerns about my breathing. (He’s not really strange, I’m just a fan of Doctor Strange!) Dr. Yalch really is a good doctor. Anyway, I said that I get out of breath very easily and I was worried something was wrong. And he asked me if I was exercising. Well, this was not the response I wanted. I think I would have preferred “Oh geez, you’re super sick. Take these pills and you will be better!”

But he didn’t.

What he did say really resonated with me. I mean, it didn’t resonate enough for me to start exercising but it really did make sense. He said that the lungs are muscles. And muscles need to be used for them be in good shape.

I should also add that my niece has been an amazing hype girl, as well!

And I was like, omg, he is right! And even though it took the idea of meeting a celeb crush at a convention in the near future to really get me finally honestly motivated, my doctor’s advice really helped me believe that I could do it. And I could.

Time To Get Started

Exercise is truly good for your mental health I know people say that all the time but it has been proven that serotonin is raised. I don’t know about all of that, I didn’t do the research but I just know that I feel good after I exercise.

It’s ok if it’s hard, at first. It would be weird if it wasn’t. But, it will get easier. Your body will adjust to this new way of life. It didn’t take long to feel the difference in my daily life. It was the little things like not being as winded after going up the stairs or being able to pick up the baby I watch without “feeling it” as much.

I have been actively trying to lose weight/get in better shape since January 24, 2023. At least, that’s when I took my “before” pic at the gym. It was another week obefore I finally gave up my bedtime Cherry Coke and Hershey bar. Somehow, I couldn’t figure out why the weight wasn’t coming off. 😂 But, when I finally broke that habit, things started to happen. And I learned something else, you really do get used to life without soda and chocolate?! Who knew?!

As I sit here, I have lost 15 pounds. While I wish it was more, I’m still very, very proud that I have accomplished that.

My favorite thing about developing this new lifestyle is that I feel so good! Like I said, exercise is good for your mental health and every time, I go to the gym, I can go a little faster or longer. On January 24th, I struggled to burn my 100 calories which is always my base goal. And actually, I can’t remember if I actually got there. But, on my last trip to the gym, I burned 412 calories and didn’t feel like I was going to die. That was pretty nifty.

So while I am by no means an expert, I do have a few tips that I have picked up. These have worked for me, so far.

Drink Water!

Don’t just drink water but also add electrolytes. When you start giving up things, sweating from exercise and lowering your calorie intake, you are going to need help keeping those vitamins in you.

Take A Multi-Vitamin

I admit, I have become a little obsessed with vitamins and keep buying more. This has been fun for my daughter who loves learning about the different benefits of different vitamins. I have a container full of vitamins now but, really, as long as you take a basic multi-vitamin, you are good to go.

Increase Your Protein

Protein is crucial for muscle development and it also keeps you full longer. Protein builds and repairs muscles. This is why it is good to have protein after working out. As you exercise, protein will help you build those muscles and it will also help your sore muscles feel better. And, since it makes you feel full, you are less tempted to eat!

Get An App

An online fitness program of some sort will help you hold yourself accountable and it’s kind of fun to learn about different foods and what’s in them. I use the My plate app but there are plenty to choose from. The important thing is that you keep track of what you are eating, how much you are exercising, etc.


Whether it’s a gym or a bike ride. Do something and stick to it. I like the gym because going is the hardest part. If I get there, I might as well walk on that treadmill. Sometimes, it is hard to get started but I’m always glad I did it.

Getting ready to go for a run

Allow Yourself A Few Indulgences

I know that some people subscribe to the cheat day but I wouldn’t go that far. I had a cheat night when my husband made brownies and delivered them to me, saying “I only brought you 4.” Well, I happily ate those four but I also gained a couple pounds back. He is very supportive, though and has been deliberately making desserts that I don’t like so I won’t be tempted. Brownies being the obvious exception. I might suggest only indulging in a couple brownies, instead of 4. But, then again, it might be worth it to walk a bit longer on that treadmill!

Weigh Yourself

Get a scale and weigh yourself in the mornings. It is the time that you get the most accurate reading. But, don’t get discouraged! I have seen my weight go up and down by a couple pounds through the week. And it’s not really about the pounds. It’s about how you feel, how your clothes fit, and did I mention, how you feel?

Listen To Your Body

Pay attention to how you’re feeling. Understand that this journey is different for everyone. You can only go at the speed that you can go at. You don’t have to match the incline on your treadmill neighbor’s machine or lose weight as fast as your sister. Do what works for you.

The Pay-Off

So this weekend, I will head to Megacon in Orlando to meet Steve Burns. But don’t worry, I do understand that he doesn’t care what I look like and will forget me not long after I walk away. But I will have that moment forever. I will have that picture forever. I want to look at that pic and feel good about myself. Because that’s what it comes down to in the end. We all have our “why” that will get us going. But don’t discount the self-care angle. Taking better care of yourself is truly the best gift you can give yourself .

I don’t know about you but I love presents!


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