Another Day In The Life, A Poem

I was inspired to write a poem after reading this one by Pooja I used to love to write poetry but haven’t in years. So please be gentle, haha😁 I hear my son before I open my eyes, He is bonding virtually with someone across the country. And I realize another day has begun. I … Continue reading Another Day In The Life, A Poem

How To Manage Your Post Con Depression

Depression. Seasonal depression. Manic depression. There are so many different kinds. But, they all stink. For me, right now, it’s Post Con Depression. Yes, it’s a thing. You see, when you go to a convention, you are insulated in this bubble of people who get you. We might have different fandoms but we all are … Continue reading How To Manage Your Post Con Depression

Adopting An Older Child From Foster Care

I’m a big supporter of foster care adoption, as some of you are aware, and I’m so very glad we did it because it brought us to our children. But it wasn’t all simple. Adopting from foster care is a lot. You are at the mercy of case workers and judges. And adopting teenagers is … Continue reading Adopting An Older Child From Foster Care

Meeting Steve Burns

Steve Burns. I met Steve Burns! You know, the guy from Blue's Clues? The original? The guy who paved the way? The guy who graced our screens with green stripes from 1996-2002? Yes, that guy! And he was everything that I hoped he would be. I mean, he didn't ask me to abandon my family … Continue reading Meeting Steve Burns

Putting Your Health First

Location Source - CC0 License If you have not spent your life so far trying to keep a tight grasp on your health, then it’s going to be difficult to start now. But you can make the change and take the time to put your health first going forward, but you have got to be … Continue reading Putting Your Health First

Conquering Fears And Making It Through

We all have fears or phobias. My son is afraid of heights. My sister is afraid of being trapped. According to google, there are many who have a phobia of holes. And I'm no exception. I have fears and things that just plain freak me out. And I have spent most of my life letting … Continue reading Conquering Fears And Making It Through