Chewy Had My Back

Well, I know that everyone was hoping that their friendly neighborhood foster care adoption blogger would suddenly start writing reviews, so I did!  And, here’s the thing– Chewy rocks.

If you don’t know, Chewy ships animal related products to your door.  Food, treats, carriers, beds, toys, anything you can think of.  And, the cool thing is the prices are either cheaper (like my red eared slider turtle food) or comparable (like my cat food).  And if you spend 50 bucks, there’s no shipping. So you can totally justify ordering on-line and saving yourself a trip to the store. 🙂  It’s true that sometimes you might be tempted to sneak in stuff that you don’t need like a humongous dog chew tire toy that your dog inexplicably hates, but impulsive purchases could also happen just walking into the store. 🙂

I now use autoship for my dog and cat food, litter, and bird food.  And, of course, some kitty and dog treats because as far as I’m concerned that’s a necessity.  😉

Autoship Mishap

So, last month, I woke up, checked my checking account and saw that my autoship order had processed.  Or more to the point, the payment had processed.  It was a particularly tight week so that hurt my financial heart a bit especially since all I had to do was go online and adjust the date before it happened, but unfortunately I had forgotten to do that.  So I called.  I didn’t expect to get anywhere but I called anyway.

I explained that I had forgotten to adjust the date and wondered if it was too late.  Much to my surprise, he said he would try.  In minutes, he had cancelled the order and told me that my money would be refunded in 5-7 days.  I thought that was a little ironic since by then, I wouldn’t need it as much (in 5 days, it would be payday) but still, what more could I ask when I was the one who messed up?

Chewy Is Committed

So I went on with my week.  And after a handful of days, my money was back in my account.  I was impressed and immediately ordered a pizza. Haha. And then the next day, my Chewy order arrived. Uh oh.

Somehow, I managed to stop the kids from opening it and I called Chewy to explain that I had my money AND my stuff. I was anticipating a hassle-filled experience of taking the box to fed-ex or the ups store.  Instead, he told me that I could keep it.  He said that I had done everything right and so had they but sometimes these things just happen. While I think it was debatable that I did everything right because if I had just stayed on top of things in the first place, none of this would have happened; I still appreciated the sentiment.  He suggested that I donate the items to a shelter (he was assuming that I didn’t want any of it).  I said I could do that and mentioned that I foster from the shelter.  When he heard that, he suggested that I just use the food for my foster animals. I could definitely do that!

Friend For Life

So the point of this story is Chewy rocks.  They care about animals and they care about their customers. They practice what they preach and they put their money where their mouth is.  They walk the walk and talk the talk.  You might even say, they bark the bark.  😉  Ok, I think that’s all I got.

And, that’s why I will be a loyal Chewy customer for as long as I have animals to feed and care for. So, basically forever. 🙂



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