I’m Emily and I’m married to Brian. I love to eat, cook, give my opinion, rescue animals, and be nerdy.

And my kids are adopted out of foster care. It was not the plan and it was not easy but it was the best decision we ever made.

To answer the most popular question, ha, yes, they are biological siblings. And we are so grateful that they are together. They came to us out of order and at different ages but they came to us, nonetheless.

We started with William and Antwan.

Lizzie joined us two weeks after she entered the world. (We finalized a long year later.)

And then Kaleb completed the Parker crew.

Since then, we’ve had the typical, non-typical family that Brian and I never realized that we always wanted.

My blog is about the challenges and the fun of life as a transracial family. It’s also about the challenges and fun of life as a mom. And it’s just about the challenges and fun of life, in general.

I hope you will join me as I obsess about my kids, my pets, things I like and things I love…like Batman.