An Emptier Nest

My oldest son has moved out. I haven't seen him in days and I don't know exactly where he is living. Only that it is on the other side of town. Years ago, I changed the way I parented Kaleb. It bordered on being his friend which is against all the advice from smart people. … Continue reading An Emptier Nest

Lunch At Mady’s: A Review

Brian and I are big fans of hole in the wall, privately owned type restaurants. The kids like them, too, but really, they just like to go out to eat. 😉 Anyway, our new favorite restaurant of that type is Mady's. It's a true gem hidden in East Arlington. Since moving back to the Arlington … Continue reading Lunch At Mady’s: A Review

Adoption Defines Us… Sort Of

Sometimes people focus on the fact that our kids are adopted. Why wouldn't they? It's a big part of who we are. Yes, in some ways, it defines us. But, in a lot of ways, it is just part of us. Like, our kids are adopted and also, we like to eat hamburgers! So, we were … Continue reading Adoption Defines Us… Sort Of

My Daughter Doesn’t Have Self Confidence

We have known for years that Lizzie struggles with self confidence. It’s a mystery how a child who has us wrapped around her finger can have any insecurities but she does. Math, in particular, has always been an issue. She struggled with it when she was in elementary school, when she was homeschooled, and now. This year, the … Continue reading My Daughter Doesn’t Have Self Confidence

Teenagers And Ice Cream

Our kids are teenagers. Ok, Lizzie is technically not. She’s only 11. And Antwan has a few more months of not technically being a teenager. But, emotionally? Yeah, they are teenagers. One of the true bummers about that is their apparent inability to have any fun anymore. Not in the silly way that I have … Continue reading Teenagers And Ice Cream

Getting Help From A Friend

My friend and fellow blogger, Candy, helped me revamp my blog and I couldn't be more excited about it. You see, I have many talents but customizing a blog is not one of them. She put a lot of work into it; more than I realized she would have to when I asked (maybe begged) her … Continue reading Getting Help From A Friend

The Mall of Heroes Comic Con Nerded Up My Mall

Last weekend, Lizzie and I went to the mall! I was really excited to introduce her to Regency. The mall that I grew up going to. The mall that was the setting for many of my life shaping moments, including my first kiss. 😉  (Hi, Chris Cooper! Wherever you are!) The mall that has been … Continue reading The Mall of Heroes Comic Con Nerded Up My Mall

The Buddy Bandana Is Perfect For Your Buddy

So I saw that Buddy Bandanas was looking for brand ambassadors and I was all over it. Was it because I absolutely love the idea of matching my dog? Actually, yes. Because to me, there's nothing cuter than a dog wearing a bandana, bow tie, or a little outfit.  And, you're telling me that I could have a … Continue reading The Buddy Bandana Is Perfect For Your Buddy

An Update Of A Feral Cat In My Dining Room

Just a quick kitty update! Our little not-so-feral kitty has made so much progress that I forget to be careful with her. Sometimes I scoop her up and hug her without thinking, just like I do with my other definitely not feral kitties. Now there is no doubt that this makes her a bit mad and … Continue reading An Update Of A Feral Cat In My Dining Room

Maybe There Is An App To Get My Kids To Clean?

Does anyone remember when I was all inspired and wrote the Parker handbook and some of you said it wouldn't work?? were totally right! haha! The idea was solid. I thoroughly enjoyed making my fancy schedule. I presented each of my children with a copy of the handbook and had them sign the last page, … Continue reading Maybe There Is An App To Get My Kids To Clean?