Life Lessons

Once a month, William and Antwan have to do a check up before they get their monthly prescriptions. The med checks are routine and no big deal but it’s still a hassle. A “fun” thing about my doctor’s office is that you are required to confirm that you are coming or they will actually cancel your appointment, They will give you the reminder call the day before and as long as you confirm, you’re good.

I always make sure to confirm but what I didn’t realize was that they had the wrong number on file. So I didn’t get the confirmation call and more importantly, I didn’t notice that I didn’t get the confirmation call or remember to call myself.

So when we showed up, (late, of course…), I was told “There are no appointments today.” She paused as I looked confused.

She continued “You didn’t confirm so I gave away your appointments.”

I was getting a little frustrated and explaining that I didn’t get a call as she was adding that she did have the prescriptions for me. We figured out that they had the wrong number and updated it, etc, and it registered in my head that none of this mattered because I had what I actually needed.

So, I thanked them for giving me the prescriptions and said we would see them next month. Around this time, William wandered up and said “So we don’t have to do the appointment? That’s just amazing, Mom.” haha.

A few minutes later, we were heading home, way quicker that we expected. I had the boys’ medicine all set for the month, we hadn’t gone through the trouble of seeing the doctor, and I was able to make it on time to my work appointment.

I’m sure they wanted to make a point and teach me a lesson. I definitely learned a lesson but probably not the one that they wanted me to learn! haha!








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