The Mall of Heroes Comic Con Nerded Up My Mall

Last weekend, Lizzie and I went to the mall! I was really excited to introduce her to Regency. The mall that I grew up going to. The mall that was the setting for many of my life shaping moments, including my first kiss. 😉  (Hi, Chris Cooper! Wherever you are!) The mall that has been on the decline for the last handful of years and has become basically the mall that people used to go to.


But, there is hope for it. Pop Vault  recently opened in the mall. Pop Vault is basically a nerd’s paradise. Geeky shirts, Funko Pop and posters can be found. They also buy, sell, and trade games, electronics and action figures, among other things.


Bringing nerd life to my childhood mall is pretty awesome in my book. Even better, the  Hall of Heroes (one day comic events around town) and Pop Vault powers that be got to talking and the Mall of Heroes was born. Combining nerdiness with an air conditioned mall is pretty genius, really.

So a group of us went.

Look, a group!

While we reminisced about the mall, we looked at the various tables and admired the costumes. There were merchants with everything from superhero themed hats to wigs to comic books.


There was plenty of cosplay including Pickle Rick. Pickle Rick!


It was definitely a success and made me proud of my Arlington girl roots. Thank you, Hall of Heroes and Pop Vault for putting this event together. I’ll be ready for the next one! 🙂


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