Resolving To Be Better!

It’s a new year and I definitely am one to succumb to the allure of new year’s resolutions.  And I have several.  I want to declutter, spend more time with friends, save money, and as is traditional, I want to lose weight!  Or as I like to call it, I want to adopt a healthier lifestyle. I want to lose weight, but more importantly, I want to be healthier. I want to have energy and have less back pain. I don’t want to eat more vegetables, but I want to feel like I did. So, actually, I want to get better about remembering to take my vitamins. haha.  

I also intend to have a partner in crime.  My pug, Frank. He’s one of the only beings I know that is lazier than me.  (I’m not really that lazy, but Lizzie says I am so she must be right.)  Frank sleeps all day and only wakes up to eat or go potty. I’m really not exaggerating. And, honestly, I’m quite jealous. 😉  But, he’s not healthy and he is definitely in need of losing a few pounds. So, good news, Frank! We’re getting in shape!

This is going to come as a shock to Frank’s system.  He is philosophically opposed to walks and has been known to take naps mid-walk, guilt his human into carrying him, or score a ride in the stroller instead. 

But, he needs the exercise. And, I need the motivation.  So I’m doing it for my dog!

I’m also doing it for my children.  They need me to lead by example and they need to be healthy and active, too.  They are already pretty active, but it wouldn’t kill them to eat better. 

Regardless of what they think. haha.

So, I’m all set-up with my fitness pal app. I’ve already put my calories for the day in, I’ve added in my 5 minute walk and I’ve thought hard about exercising a lot.  I’m happy to report that according to the app, I have 40 calories left for the day!  Ok, maybe I shouldn’t be happy to report that since I haven’t had dinner yet, but still, for now, I am within the limit.  Anyway, it’s only my first day and apparently, there is no beginners luck for me so I will have to just do better. 🙂

So tomorrow, maybe I will have one less piece of pizza and if I’m feeling really crazy, I will skip my morning pop-tart, and be way under the 1200 calorie limit.  🙂 (I’m just kidding, I would never skip my morning pop-tart.) I’ll have to think of some other options…)

This resolution is gonna be tricky for me. 

But, I don’t think anyone is going to suffer more than Frank….

No, please don’t make me walk!

Ok, I walked. Can I sniff a bush now??

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