Sometimes Actions Do Speak Louder Than Words.

Brian and I are always fascinated by the way Lizzie expresses her love vs. how the boys express their love. Each of the boys freely gives hugs and will tell us they love them.  But, Lizzie. She doesn’t like to say “I love you.” She will hug but usually turns her back to lean in to the person she’s hugging. She really doesn’t mind the hugs and she definitely has no issues with human contact.  Her favorite spot is curled up on the recliner with me.  But, she’s just never been demonstrative.

Lizzie was here the earliest in her life. Kaleb was 13, William was 5, Antwan was 13 months, but Lizzie was 2 weeks.  For Lizzie, there isn’t an inkling of a memory of any other reality. I think she’s very fortunate in that regard. I have the memories to deal with.  I have to remember but I’m so glad that she doesn’t. Anyway, from almost day one, she has been showered with affection.  She has been made to feel like the most special little girl in the whole wide world.  Mostly cause she is. 🙂  She doesn’t have that unfortunate unfillable emotional bucket with a hole in the bottom that William has.  And she doesn’t have his fear that one day we won’t love him anymore.  God knows that could never happen. But, still she holds back.

It’s not an issue for us.  We know she loves us and that she is happy.  It’s just interesting how different kids develop and deal with their realities.  And since she’s been home with me, full time in homeschooling land, we’ve gotten closer.  Now I make a game out of her reluctance.  “Sure, you can play the game but you have to tell me you love me!”  I will get a rushed “I love you” back and I will cheer wildly until she grins and goes about her business.  When she asks me to sit by her at dinner, I’ll say “You want me to sit by you because I’m your best friend??”  She’ll roll her eyes but smile and say “yes.”

But, the thing is she does love me and I am her best friend, for now, anyway.  Although, I know a couple of little girls at church, though, who are working on taking that title from me. 😉  And, although, we would’ve thought she would be the one who would fling her arms around us all the time because she felt so loved and ridiculously secure; she shows love how she feels comfortable and that is just fine, too. 🙂

It makes every “I love you” special, no matter how I get them.  And, most importantly, she knows we love her, too.

So when she drew me this picture on Antwan’s dry erase board (without any bribing or manipulating on my part, haha), I was beside myself.  🙂  I don’t remember the last time that she drew a picture like that or actually wrote the words down.  When she shyly showed me, I did my best to downplay it.  But, inside, I was squealing, happily.  To me, this is amazing. 🙂  Yes, I knew she loved me, but it sure is nice to hear it….well, see it. 🙂


This is totally my phone’s wallpaper now.:)

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