Being Watched At Walmart

So one day, one of the kids noticed something peculiar about our Walmart receipt, it had my name on it. My name?? We were baffled. How did the register know my name??

We decided it must be because of the new video camera screens at the register. We figured it must be recording our identities somehow based on my face and my debit card. So very big brother, Walmart!

We had many conversations (ie: every time, we went to Walmart.) about this super smart security system. We discovered that my name was even on the receipt when the kids made separate allowance purchases. But, we figured it made sense because the system had probably recorded that they were mine. I couldn’t decide if I was extremely impressed or extremely creeped out that this machine knew my identity.

This went on for weeks. Weeks of confirming that it still knew my name. Weeks of experimenting with different payment methods to see if that changed anything. Weeks of borderline obsession. Until one day.

I was shopping alone (which was shocking enough) and an employee was walking around gathering baskets or something like that.

I impulsively blurted out, “It has my name on the receipt! How does it know??”

She laughed and walked away. I slowly gathered my bags while thinking that she had responded oddly. But, as a lifelong fast talker, I have experience with people pretending that they understand me so they don’t have to ask me to repeat myself. And, as I was accepting my tragic fate of not ever knowing the answer, she came back by and said….

“That’s our store manager.”

Completely floored, I asked “Your store manager is named Emily Parker????”

She casually confirmed, unaware of the backstory to this saga and I left the store in disbelief.

I couldn’t wait to get home to the kids and they were just as blown away. 🙂

Well, I don’t know what Walmart pays their store managers, but it seems like she should make extra for having such a cool name! And it’s a good thing if she does because it also seems to me that she should be responsible for paying for my counseling fees after the mental duress that I suffered while thinking all the machines knew who I was. haha. I just wanted to buy groceries…  😉

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