Trying To Eat Healthier But I Hate Healthy Food

I’m not an adventurous eater. We all know this. Well, anyone who has gone out to eat with me knows this. 🙂 I’m not an overly healthy eater, either. Before the kids showed up, Brian and I had many conversations about how we wouldn’t pass it on to our kids. The good news is Brian is adventurous.  So our party line was always going to be “When you’re grown up like Mommy, you can eat whatever you want, but while you’re a kid, you need to eat healthier like Daddy.” 

The Kids Eat Healthy

And, it worked. Of course, William and Kaleb had already established their eating habits. But, Lizzie was a great success. She will try anything. I have vivid memories of hiding my veggies in my pasta to trick myself while she picked them up and popped them in her mouth. I offered them all many things that I wouldn’t eat and praised them for being a better eater than me. Even Antwan (who is, in fact, incredibly picky) will at least try things before deciding. As the girl who only discovered in her 20’s that sour cream is actually really good, despite the name; I can’t say the same.

Anyway, I have been known to buy veggie pasta for my benefit or drink nutritional shakes to try to supplement my lousy food choices. I have also been known to buy veggie pasta for my benefit or drink nutritional shakes to try to supplement my lousy food choices. I have also tried the Cherry hill food delivery service. It’s a good delivery service and I can order some healthy meals from various restaurants. It’s easier to eat well when it’s easier to get the food! Ok, sometimes I’m not ordering healthy, but it’s always yummy and convenient!

Nutritional drinks

Lazy Healthy Eating

I always look for opportunities to make myself healthier while trying to avoid actually putting too much work in. I know, I’m a great inspiration to you all!

So, I was at the store yesterday, being a little more leisurely since the kids weren’t there and I was thinking about getting some bagels. I was bravely considering a deviation from my Cherry Coke and chocolate Pop-Tart ritual. But, I quickly realized that I wouldn’t eat my healthier choices. They would just sit there.  The cream cheese that I would plan to put on them would expire and the bagels themselves would sit there until they went bad. Just like last time. But, then I saw it. The most beautiful thing I saw all day! Chocolate Cream Cheese!

Cream cheese

Now I don’t know if such a beautiful thing has always existed and I just missed the memo, but I was excited, either way. Cut to me excitedly throwing it in my cart with a bag of bagels. By my estimation, this was a healthy choice (Calcium, right??). And I can still have my chocolate fix in the morning! Yay for new adventures.

Ok, maybe, I’ve only been eating it by the spoonful and the bagels remain unopened. And, maybe I just finished my chocolate pop-tart and I’m currently sipping on my Cherry Coke.  But, maybe it’s just because I’m waiting for Lizzie and Antwan to come home from camp so we can do a little taste test together!

Are you buying it?

So what are your vices? What are your healthy choices? Try not to make me look too bad, ok? 😉


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