A Geeky House Makeover

Brian is a man who needs a hobby. When he comes home from work after a day of dealing with customers who are often less than polite, he wants to be mentally stimulated. I guess he needs to know that he is something besides Brian the store manager. Now me, after a day of momming and animal wrangling, I could sit down in the recliner and stare mindlessly at the tv until I find the energy to stand up and go to bed. More than once, I have opened my laptop with the intent to type and have my own little moment of “I’m more than mom!” But, I’m often too tired and fall asleep with my hands on the keys. I wish that was a joke. 😉

Anyway, when Brian finds a hobby, I encourage it. Either because I’m a loving wife or because I don’t want him to wake me up from my recliner nap with his complaints about being bored. 😉 It could be either one…but, mostly, the loving wife part! His latest and greatest hobby is by far, well, the greatest! Modge Podge! Not just any modge podge but nerdy modge podge! With a little modge and a bunch of comic books, he is turning our living room into a super hero/sci-fi living room. One trash can at a time.

Now I didn’t want a trash can in our living room because I thought correctly that it would just be one more trash can that I would have to empty. But, it’s The Flash so who cares? 😉

And, yes, the can gets filled with trash almost as fast as he runs! (See what I did there?)

So basically, Brian will modge podge anything that he can get his hands on.


As evidenced by the Superman coffee table, Batman and Captain America end tables, Teen Titan coasters and canvas (that less geeky people might paint on), Doctor Who storage box, Scarlet Witch and Vision lamp shade, and Star Trek clock that currently reside in my living room. 🙂




This was obviously just an opportunity to show off Brian’s skills, but seriously, he’s pretty good, isn’t he? 🙂

So he has many plans for the kitchen cabinets when we finally buy a house. I’m ok with that as long as I finally have my Batman bathroom. For the kids, sure, for the kids, 😉




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