The Almond Company’s Almonds. It’s Like A Treat Bag For Humans!

Like every family, we have many different tastes. We range from Lizzie and Brian who like most things and me and Antwan who dislike most things. William and Kaleb are in the middle.  But, in my determination to get an honest review of my latest product, I didn’t explain to the youngest three what they were about to try. I simply said “Here, try this!” and for once in their lives, they just followed the direction without asking questions! Brian and Kaleb, however, knew what they were trying. But, you know what? They all liked it!

Including Antwan!  I think he was just as surprised as I was, haha.



California Crown Cinnamon flavored almonds. It seems like that would be for a very specific palate but, apparently not because each and every one of the Parkers was asking for more.

I heard comments like “I like the cinnamon!” and “These are good!” and in the words of a big kid, also known as my husband, “Gimme, Gimme.”

I wouldn’t recommend eating them around dogs, though, because if your experience is like mine was, your dogs (and other people’s dogs) will think the shiny bag is a treat bag for them, not you. 🙂

Hey! Are those treats??



As a devoted, lifetime “nut of any kind” avoider, I held out as long as possible to try these. Actually, it’s possible that I’m just now about to try one, for the sake of the post. For the record, this is no reflection on the almonds from the good people of The Almond Company, this is a reflection on me and my ridiculousness!

Ok, it turns out that they are really good! The cinnamon taste is totally yummy and distracted me from the fact that I was deliberately eating an almond. 😉

So, if you want to satisfy your family, your friends, yourself (or apparently, your dogs) you can get these cinnamon flavored almonds here! And, if cinnamon isn’t your thing, there are a bunch of other options.  I might have to try the chocolate coated almonds next because chocolate. 🙂

And a big thanks to Candy from geekmamas for keeping me hooked up with yummy stuff to try!

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