Star Wars Ice For Dummies

In an effort to be a creative and fun mommy, I ordered a Star Wars ice tray! I thought we could experiment and put different things in it.  And, we did. 🙂  I thought we’d start with ice but naturally, my two youngest had other ideas. 🙂

You can click here to watch a short video of their explanation! 😉  —Applesauce Star Wars since I haven’t successfully added it into the post yet, haha. Sadly, the force is not with me…

(I take it back! I think it worked but I’m leaving the link in, just in case.)



Star Wars Applesauce-style? There is a great disturbance in the force!

Then Lizzie wanted to make hard candy. I had no idea how but that’s when I discovered that my girl actually knows how to make it. It started with sugar and water brought to a boil. She did it all herself except for when she left me in charge of watching the pot of boiling water while she played the xbox for a bit. 🙂 She instructed me to let her know when it turned yellow. I did and she got back on the job.

Much to my surprise, it really did turn into hard candy! Millenium Falcon shaped hard candy that would have made Han Solo proud! Apparently, we have 5 minute crafts to thank for that. 🙂


Step 1: Boil sugar water.


Step 2: Pour it in and then let it sit.


Step 3: Remove your super cool candy from the mold.


Step 4: Feel very proud of yourself. 🙂

She was the learner, now she is the master….

No one has been interested in making Star Wars ice….except for me. But, it has definitely made my Cherry Coke look way cooler.




They were however willing to play with it.

Now Lizzie has ordered soap base with her allowance so there will soon be Star Wars soap in our future! I DON’T have a bad feeling about that…. 😉


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