A DIY Kit That Even I Can Handle

So, Lizzie and I got to make lip balm! Candy of geekmamas gave us a “do it yourself” lip balm kit from Kiss Naturals.  It comes in an adorable package and has everything you need to make your very own lip balm. 🙂

I have to admit I had the kit for several days before we finally sat down to make the lip balm. I had trouble finding time because I wanted it to be perfect and I wanted to make sure that it wasn’t rushed. But, as a result, I frustrated Lizzie slightly as she waited to do it. The other day, I promised myself that the day wouldn’t end without all natural lip balm in our lives so I sat myself down with my girl and we got started. I soon learned that these kits don’t take a huge amount of time, but they do take enough time for you to reap the benefits of spending time with your child. 🙂 And I was reminded of how it’s more important to have the moments with your little ones (or anyone, really) than to plan the moments with them. So, I guess you could say that I learned way more than how to make lip balm.

But, back to the lip balm!

Like I said, the packaging is super cute and the directions come in both English and Spanish. The process is broken down in really easy to follow steps. So simple that my daughter was able to make the second batch all by herself. 🙂

The kit that we used makes 6 lip balms: 3 tubes and 3 containers. This is so all-in-one stop that it even includes a measuring cup and spatula.


I’m now going to summarize the steps! There’s some Safflower adding, beeswax adding, mixing, flavor adding (Bubblegum and Boysonberry), melting, and pouring. Then a handful of minutes in the fridge and you have lip balm! There might be a bit more to it, but you get the idea.

Saaflower Oil




Adding the flavoring

My favorite part, of course, was watching my daughter and her reactions. 🙂

On a side note, the tray (above) makes a great holder to reduce the risk of anything getting spilled.

And since it’s all natural, no crazy chemicals are going on my Lizzie’s lips.  Or mine, for that matter, because you know that I had to try some!

You can get your own on their website or on amazon. They also have other fun kits like make-your-own soap and bubble bath.

I guess I should get one of those soap kits now so I can then make my daughter wash her hands! haha.  (The things you notice too late!)

She’s been bringing them everywhere!


Thank you, Candy and Kiss Naturals. for reminding me what’s really important in life: time with your loved ones and shiny lips. 🙂

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