An Update Of A Feral Cat In My Dining Room

Just a quick kitty update! Our little not-so-feral kitty has made so much progress that I forget to be careful with her. Sometimes I scoop her up and hug her without thinking, just like I do with my other definitely not feral kitties. Now there is no doubt that this makes her a bit mad and she definitely protests until I put her down. But, that’s it. She doesn’t attack me and she doesn’t run and hide. She returns to her preferred spot on the dining room table (Sigh) and lets me pet her some more.

So, no, she’s not a cuddle bug and I need to practice a little more self control, haha, but she seems happy. 🙂 And she rocks a collar!


For real, can you believe I got this on her?? Because I can’t!

The next step is to get her checked out and spayed. Because no matter where she ends up, she’s not going to contribute any more to the cat overpopulation problem.  (Yes, I snuck in a soapbox message!)

Sometimes I think she misses her wild life but I’m pretty sure that she also enjoys being a little spoiled, too. 🙂




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