Lunch At Mady’s: A Review

Brian and I are big fans of hole in the wall, privately owned type restaurants. The kids like them, too, but really, they just like to go out to eat. 😉 Anyway, our new favorite restaurant of that type is Mady’s. It’s a true gem hidden in East Arlington.

Since moving back to the Arlington area, I have driven by Mady’s many times. I was intrigued but hadn’t gotten around to trying it. That is because I didn’t know. I didn’t know how much I would love it!

The other day, Brian and I were sneaking off for a lunch alone while the kids were in school and it occurred to me that we should go there. It was only a few minutes away but it took awhile to get there because I thought it was called Kady’s and was on Rogero. It’s not and it’s not.

It’s called Mady’s and it’s located at 948 Cesery Boulevard. After Google set me straight, we got there and walked into the cutest little place ever!

Mady’s describes itself on their Facebook page as “a 1950’s themed family diner. Fresh home cooked meals made with love and friendly service all at a fair price.” That pretty much says it all. (But, I’m going to keep talking, anyway!) The place is a vintage fan’s paradise. As soon as you walk in, you see a small four tabled dining room with walls full of trinkets and pictures and even, saddle shoes.

You order and pay at the counter. They serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Since they are known for their hamburgers, we decided to try them. I assure you, we were glad we did. Yum!


The dining room in the back was just as cute! Lots of Johnny Cash memorabila, Elvis, and even a spot to play Checkers.





Everyone was super nice and friendly; even after I spilled my drink…. 😉 Props to Brian for helping to clean up while I stood by nervously, saying “sorry” repeatedly as they went to get a mop. It was a full lunch!


So if you live in Jacksonville or are coming to visit, check out Mady’s. They will make you feel welcome!







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