Discovering The World of Reptiles At Petsmart

Lizzie and I went to a World of Reptiles event at Petsmart last weekend. It was a good excuse to take my bearded dragon on a field trip and, also, reptiles are cool. 🙂

The turn out was not too impressive but it was still fun. We wandered around and looked at the animals.

We got coupons, some fun stickers and information on Thrive reptile products.  And, hey, a hat!

People are friendlier and more relaxed at events so it was nice to talk to the Petsmart employees that I give my money to so frequently. 😜 I talked to more strangers than I would have normally (much to Lizzie’s chagrin) and of course, everyone was appropriately impressed with how cute Crimson is.


Petsmart has frequent events.  A lot of them are geared around adoption, of course. There are also doggie playdates, “breed days” in the grooming salon, sample days and in March, they are having a Glofish Beta party! That’s when I will impulsively convince Brian that we need a Beta. Is it still impulsive if I plan it?

I’m glad we went. I’m relieved that the motivated part of me beat out the “But, you’ll have to put on pants!?” part of me. 🤣 It was simple fun and I was glad that I was able to drag at least one of my kids away from the xbox long enough to enjoy it. 🙂

And props to Mr. Petsmart who agreed to let me take a picture of the table and him, under no obligation to pose, and yet somehow nailed the pose, anyway. 😄

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