Sweet Mama’s Southern Home Cooking Made My Tummy Happy, A Review

Sweet Mama’s opened on Cesery Boulevard, a few weeks ago and I couldn’t wait to try it! After driving past it for days while taking the kids to school, my curiosity was definitely piqued. Thanks to the nextdoor app, I learned it was open. They don’t have a website so I kind of felt like one of the cool kids for knowing about it. I felt like it was speakeasy restaurant of sorts. I knew the “password” and now you will too! 😆 Because I’m guessing that they don’t want to be a secret. Anyway, after finding out it was open, I advised my husband, Brian, that we would be having dinner at Sweet Mama’s that night. (But, I just discovered that they do have a facebook page!)

Sweet Mama’s is owned by a husband and wife team. The restaurant has a homey feel and I was instantly comfortable when I walked in. It is a pay at the counter place which gives it an old school kind of charm, in my opinion.

We met Lauren (the wife) when we were there and she was very friendly and helpful. As evidenced by her patience with me when I asked several questions and changed our orders around a few times. 😜 After I shut up and gave her my money, we sat down and waited for our food.

The wait was a little long because they are still figuring out how to juggle all the orders, but it was so worth the wait! I got fried chicken. I always get fried chicken, actually. This makes me an unofficial expert on it. So I feel confident saying that it is yummy. While we were eating, Lauren brought us samples of corn nuggets and potato salad. I am anti anything that includes salad so I didn’t try that but the corn nuggets were very good and it was literally the only time that I have ever actually liked corn nuggets. (P.S. Brian liked the potato salad!)

Fish for Brian!

We were the only customers in the restaurant but a handful of people came in for to-go orders. And apparently, they just joined up with grub hub and that seems to be the bulk of the business so far. I’m guessing that’s why she brought us our food in to-go boxes. It actually made things very simple and saved the trouble of asking for to-go boxes for the kids. Brian and I didn’t need to-go boxes, we had “happy plates.” 🙂

Overall, it was a great experience and definitely a tummy filling one. I really hope that they have success here because I intend to be a regular. 🙂 So everyone go and eat there and make my dreams come true!