I’m Going To My First Comic Convention, The Book Review

They say to write what you know. And there aren’t many people who know the costume and convention scene like Candy Keane from Geekmamas. Between her personal cosplays, her geeky blog, and her costume shop (to mention a few), she has kind of done it all. So, yeah, she wrote when she knows!

Every caregiver knows that kids like to be prepared for new experiences. And a great way to do this is to read them a book. Candy wanted to prepare her son for what a comic convention would be like but discovered that there were no children’s books about them.

So she wrote one!

I’m Going To My First Comic Book Convention” by Candy Keane and illustrated by Katherine Margaritis of Thatnerdymom is a fun little book that breaks the convention experience down in a way that makes sense for little ones. It changes what could be an overwhelming situation into something they can look forward to because it’s not so mysterious. And, hey, even you don’t plan to join our beloved nerdy world, it’s still a fun read. Broaden those kids’ horizons, people! 😀

“I’m Going To My First Comic Convention” is available here on amazon. Go get your copy!

And for some ideas on how to navigate conventions with older kids, check out my guest post on Candy’s blog!

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