We Don’t Give Up On Family

My mom died. But this is not a blog post about that directly because I just can't. Or you will see me ugly crying through the screen and nobody wants that. Because even the word "devastated," doesn't accurately define how I (and my family) are feeling. This is about the unintentional final gift from my mom. A … Continue reading We Don’t Give Up On Family

When Things Get Dicey With The Neighbors

"Don't yell at my son!" The words echoed in my head and a combination of pride and panic filled my insides. In the past, when things had gotten heated with Brian and anyone else (as will happen at some points in life), I had only panicked. I went right to the "don't cause a scene" … Continue reading When Things Get Dicey With The Neighbors

My Son Wants Me To Forget His History

It's no secret that we have been struggling with William. It seems like the last few weeks, months, years...it's been one thing after the other. Recently, he robbed me of my first ever mom break when he got himself kicked out of camp. I won't go into the details but I will say that it … Continue reading My Son Wants Me To Forget His History

Becoming Kaleb’s Friend

I feel the need to write about Kaleb. He came into my life at a point when I wasn’t ready for a teenager.  (To be fair, I don’t think anyone is ever ready for a teenager. ) I did however think I was ready and I did think I knew what I was getting into. … Continue reading Becoming Kaleb’s Friend

I Feel Like I’m Failing My Son

I'm going through it with William. I've wanted to write about it but the unfortunate reality is that he's fifteen and doing so violates his privacy to a certain extent. But, still all these words are inside me, my fingers ache to type them and my brain aches to get them out of my head. … Continue reading I Feel Like I’m Failing My Son

Daring Myself To Love My Son.

A year or so ago, I received a book, "The Love Dare."  It was from my priest who is also my facebook friend.  She had read my angsty posts about Kaleb, met with me and then bought me the book.  The idea is that you are given a daily dare which is aimed at improving … Continue reading Daring Myself To Love My Son.

Trying Is Exhausting But Important.

Ok, I lied.  Well, I didn't realize that I was lying, but turns out I was.  Because I just can't resist writing one more Kaleb post.  Only days after writing the other one!  Wow, I might need some practice at this not writing about Kaleb thing!  But, since this is kind of more about me … Continue reading Trying Is Exhausting But Important.

My Son Ran Away. But, He Came Back. Now What?

It was kind of a strange summer. It started with me trying to appropriately discipline Kaleb and ended with me feeling like I lost a son and gained a roommate. You see, Kaleb ended the year with a D in Geometry.  And, unfortunately, it wasn't a case of him not understanding the material, he just didn't do the … Continue reading My Son Ran Away. But, He Came Back. Now What?

Raising Kids Isn’t Easy, But Loving Them Is.

Seriously, parenting a teenager is hard.  Even on good days, for some reason, it just takes more mental energy to keep up with it.  You never know what curve ball is coming your way.  With Lizzie and Antwan, I am not surprised when I hear that the water balloon that they were filling up in … Continue reading Raising Kids Isn’t Easy, But Loving Them Is.

Raising A Teenager Is Different.

I haven't written about Kaleb much lately.  Not because he hasn't given me some material, he's a teenager, after all. 😉  But, most of it has been just that.  He's a teenager.  And, wow, aren't they just plain irritating??  I mean, really!  He has all the answers and doesn't mind telling you. haha. And, even though, … Continue reading Raising A Teenager Is Different.