Trying To Catch My Chickens

I have reached a new level in my relationship with my chickens. I already felt pretty confident that they weren’t afraid of me in any way but now they are comfortable enough to manipulate me! Yay! They are now like my human children. Ha! Well, I mean, they already manipulated me but like I said, this is a new level. 🤣

They absolutely love coming out of their run and wandering the yard. I’m sure it’s partially because I always have treats ready. And, of course, field trips are always fun. Every time, when it’s time to go back in, I make a little trail of treats and they dutifully follow me and go in the run to the eat the last bit of the trail treats. And, every time, I give them free roam time, they go to bed early. I find this hilarious that you can tire out chickens. And, as long, as I can quietly get to the coop to close it, bedtime is a breeze. (Check out my previous adventures here—> I’m being Manipulated By My Chickens!)


But, the other day, the girls made it clear that the rules had changed.

They were having a great time, exploring the yard as I stared at them, adoringly. All was well. That is, until it was time to go back to the chicken run. That’s when they decided that they were gonna fight for their right to party!

I stood up, told them it was time, and started to make my little trail. And they completely ignored me. Huh? I came closer to them and put some food down. Together, as a unit, they walked away from me and the food. Shocked and a little nervous, I tried a couple more times. These chickens, resolute and a bit rude, continued to ignore me and walk away.

I went and picked up Saten, the most willing to be held. (She didn’t make it particularly easy, though.)



I carried her over to the coop, thinking that maybe the other two would follow. They were not, by the way. But, at least, I would have one in there, right? She sat comfortably in my arms, making coo sounds. She seemed perfectly relaxed until we got to the door of the run, that is. That’s when she betrayed me! Her whole body tensed up, but not in a scared way. It was more of a determined reaction. She put her legs out to block the entry and jumped out of my arms. As I registered what had happened, she ran back and joined the other two.

A few minutes of chicken grab fails later, I was trying to herd them back. But, they were not up for being herded. They would go in the right direction for a moment and then casually veer; all while remaining just out of arms length.


Naturally, we were on our way out so the whole family was waiting for me. Of course, the whole family also seemed to be unavailable to help…but that’s another story. Finally my daughter came out and joined in being manipulated by chickens. lol.

She made trails of oatmeal that were ignored. She tried to herd them and they thwarted her. She was very amused by the whole thing and told me that I wouldn’t be able to let them out for awhile because they weren’t behaving.

Finally, between the two of us, they let us guide them back. I have no doubt that “let” us in the operative word here, folks. Lizzie and I took spots on opposite sides of the girls and tried to block escape routes. The girls had already proved that they could still find escape routes, though. Either way, they finally walked in to the run and I triumphantly (and quickly!) closed the door.

I don’t know why they were uncooperative this time. But, I do have supreme confidence that they did it on purpose. And I have even more confidence, that it will happen again.

All I have to say is, they are lucky that they are cute!

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