Getting To Know Your New Bunny

I have joined the rabbit society! I thought I had finally settled down on my animal “collecting,” But, then I saw a facebook post about a bunny who needed a new home. And not just any bunny but a Continental Giant bunny!

Now I wasn’t in the market for a pet bunny but something about this little guy got me. And when I read that he was a Continental Giant, I got even more excited. Because, you see, I’m fascinated by the big bunnies. Like many others, I had seen TikTok and instagram reels about pet giant bunnies.

Somehow, I convinced my husband and before I knew it, I was meeting a lady about a bunny.


Sammy is a character. He has so much more personality than I expected but definitely as much as I hoped. He has already learned a couple “tricks” and has a great time roaming the house. No matter how often I see him bee-bopping around the house, it never gets old.

I have learned so much and learned that there is so much more to learn. Thanks to Bebette’s Bunny Rescue , I now know that they have very specific dietary needs and basically everything I had bought for Sammy already was wrong. 🤪 But I fixed that!


Of course, I’m now obsessed with bunnies. And after only a few weeks with Sammy, a friend sent me a link to a bunny who was in need of a foster (through a rescue). I said that there was no way that I could handle another but I could only ignore it for so long. So I ended up with a foster bunny, too. But, that’s another story. 😊

And when I took that new foster in for her first vet appt, I also brought Sammy so he could get set up for a neuter appointment. Because the new foster is a female and well, I don’t want baby bunnies in my house. Well, I do want them but no, we don’t need baby bunnies! 🤪 Anyway, while there, I found out that most of the things that I thought I knew about Sammy were wrong.


I told them he was about 4 months old and they said he is closer to 6-8 months old. I said he is a Continental Giant and they said he is not a Continental Giant. They agreed that there may be some in the line somewhere but he is basically a “meat” rabbit.

She also said that meat rabbits make great pets but that I did know.

But, I don’t need him to be an exotic breed, I really don’t care. I just wanted him to be a nice bunny. And it worked out because he is the sweetest little bunny boy in town. ❤️

2 thoughts on “Getting To Know Your New Bunny

  1. He’s a cutie pie for sure! We had pet rabbits when I was a child at home. They brought many hours of joy, as I’m sure your bunnies will. Do they have names?


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