Doing The Right Thing

Since we were contacted by Patrick’s case worker, I have learned a couple of things.  I’ve learned that some people have strong opinions about pre-teen boys.  And, I have learned that the more someone tells me to do something, the more determined I get to do what I think is right.And, what do I think … Continue reading Doing The Right Thing

Can we adopt my brother?

"Can we adopt Patrick?"We were eating dinner and William asked the question suddenly.  I don't really remember how we reacted, but, in my head, it was very dramatic and movie-like.  The table got silent for a minute and the question hung in the air...well, dramatically.  In reality, Lizzie and Antwan were probably making tons of noise, … Continue reading Can we adopt my brother?

Adoption Placement Memories (3 years ago, I met my daughter.)

September 11 is a date that will be remembered by Americans everywhere, always.  It was a terrible day that shouldn't have happened.  But, for us, September 11th (2008) also represents a new beginning because it was the day that we met Lizzie.  I'm aware of the irony.  On the date when so many lost so much, we gained … Continue reading Adoption Placement Memories (3 years ago, I met my daughter.)