Kids Don’t Like To Clean

Ever since it was confirmed that my kids' brother would be coming to visit in July, I've been trying to get the house in order.  Some of my effort has gone towards deep cleaning, some has gone towards putting cute little pictures in the bathroom that no 12 year old would ever care about, and … Continue reading Kids Don’t Like To Clean

Sibling Separation in Foster Care

There are many things that happen when a child is removed from the birth family.  Some good, some bad.   In my opinion, the most tragic is sibling separation.  It's a reality of foster care.  Siblings are separated due to availability in foster homes, to raise their chances of being adopted, or for various other reasons.  Even as just a pair, … Continue reading Sibling Separation in Foster Care

Gotcha Day Celebration Gone Bad…sorta

Wednesday was the 4 year anniversary of the boys' placement with us.  Four years ago, on that day, we picked the boys up from the agency.  The very nice case worker unceremoniously handed us their bags and said goodbye.  She was very happy about the match, it just wasn't her first time doing this.  But, it was most definitely … Continue reading Gotcha Day Celebration Gone Bad…sorta

I am the mom of my children.

The other day, a well-meaning, curious person asked me if Lizzie's mom is in the picture at all.  And, I felt like she had slapped me in the face.  I explained that all parental rights had been terminated, so no.  She was relieved to hear it.  She walked away and I sat with unpleasant memories … Continue reading I am the mom of my children.

Raising My Self-Confident Child.

My Antwan.  He's smart, compassionate, and a fast runner.  Most things come easy to him.  He's absolutely beautifiul.  And, in many ways, he's become my biggest challenge.  William is eager to please and is insecure.  Therefore, he really tries to do what I ask of him.  Antwan is eager to please, but not the tiniest bit insecure.  … Continue reading Raising My Self-Confident Child.