Foster Care Memories After Adoption

Leaving the park today, William randomly says, " I'm lucky to have a family.  I would have had a bad life if you and Daddy hadn't found us."  It's random statements like this that stop me in my tracks, in one way, and then at the same time, I take them in stride because it's … Continue reading Foster Care Memories After Adoption

Raising Black Childen in a White World

iAdopting black children changes your perspective.  I find myself drawn to other black people now.  I also find myself saying things like "other black people" because I now think I am one. : )  I worry about race in a way that I didn't before.  I knew racism existed and I knew that I wasn't a racist.  But, … Continue reading Raising Black Childen in a White World

People in the real world and their questions

Perception is an interesting thing.  I live my days with three children that are so much mine, in my heart, that I practically have memories giving birth to them.  I know I didn't, though.  No need to be concerned for my grasp on reality. : )  I don't dwell on the fact that they're adopted … Continue reading People in the real world and their questions

Adopting foster children and their issues.

He was born 3.5 pounds, 6 weeks premature, at home.  He had crack in his system.  The biological mother was allowed to go home with him because she was cooperative and, therefore, it was labeled "low-risk."  Two years later, he was put into foster care, with his three siblings, when it was obvious that it was … Continue reading Adopting foster children and their issues.

Antwan’s Got The Whole Situation Under Control.

Antwan's at a tricky age.  He knows he's a kid, but he doesn't want to be treated like one.  Actually, he's always been like that, so maybe it's just that he's tricky.  He doesn't find anything more frustrating than feeling like he's not being listened to.  He has somehow picked this up from Brian. ( :  "Because I … Continue reading Antwan’s Got The Whole Situation Under Control.

It’s complicated.

A few weeks ago, at the doctor's office, we were discussing the fact that William hadn't gained any weight.  She commented that maybe the "real" mom was thin.  I was so focused on answering the question and taking the super-mature opportunity to say that she was actually over-weight, that it didn't register right away.Real mom?  What … Continue reading It’s complicated.

Adopting William and Antwan

The other day, was our 3 year anniversary, of the boys being placed in our home. It was the day that my life changed forever. My life changed when we were told that we had been chosen for the boys, then again when we met them for the first time, then again, when we brought … Continue reading Adopting William and Antwan