The Little Things Are Big Things

I try to remember to appreciate the moments and to take advantage of the opportunities to make memories when I see them.  Despite being extremely grateful for my children (and I am!),  it’s easy to lose track in the constant chaos of every day life.  There are days when I collapse into my recliner (assuming that Brian hasn’t gotten to it first) and realize that the day was a blur.  I remind myself, again, to make sure to have the moments with the kids because this doesn’t last forever.  They are growing before my eyes and, despite my best efforts, I can’t seem to make it stop. 

The other day, Antwan also gave me a reminder. 

We were at Karate class.  It was Saturday morning and there were a dozen other things that I’d rather be.  Most of them involved my recliner.  But, the kids love it and it’s important.  During the week, they have separate classes, but on Saturday, it’s a family class and they are all in the same class.  So, this is also my “me time.”  The first few times, I watched them with rapt attention.  But, soon, I started to take advantage of the opportunity to play with my cell phone while they learned their punches and kicks. 

At the end of the class, some of the kids were earning their stripes, including mine.  After participating in a certain number of classes, you earn a stripe.  A stripe (black tape wrapped around the belt) earns you the next belt once you have enough.  The kids have already earned enough for their orange belts, but have to wait for the next graduation ceremony to officially get the orange belt.  So, this stripe didn’t count towards the orange belt, but towards the one after that. 

So, it was cool, but not surprising.  And, as they were getting their stripes, I got a text message.  Like any good person who is addicted to her cell phone, I started to send a response. 

Then Antwan yelled across the room, “Mommy!”  I looked up and he’s holding his belt, proudly, and with his eyes saying “Look!”

Now, I can justify that the message was from my parents and they wanted to know what time we would be meeting them for lunch.  Or rationalize that they had already earned their next belt, so it wasn’t that big of a deal.  But, I won’t.  The fact is, it was a “smack-me-in-the-face” reminder that I need to be there.  Really be there.  And, I want to be. 

I can’t pretend that I’m never going to text when I’m with them.  (Cause that would just be crazy.)   It’s also likely that I might write a quick blog while they play because I don’t want to forget what I want to say.  It’s definitely possible that as I typed this, they came and interrupted, so now I have to wrap it up. 

But, sitting at Karate America, that Saturday, I set my phone down, watched with rapt attention, and reminded myself that the little things are big things. 

And, I want to be there for their little things, their big things, and everything in between.

All striped up!

15 thoughts on “The Little Things Are Big Things

  1. First time to visit here and I'm blessed to have heard about your life. I'm proud on what you're doing. Only few go out their way to do what you're doing now.God bless you more!


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