Onions Are For Peeling

Just when we thought things were settling down (by our standards, anyway), we learned that the biological brother of our kids had re-entered foster care.  And life got interesting, again.  Since finding this out, we've had 2 visits with him.  Then, in just a few days, he'll be coming to visit us for 2 weeks.  Wait, what?  … Continue reading Onions Are For Peeling

The Little Things Are Big Things

I try to remember to appreciate the moments and to take advantage of the opportunities to make memories when I see them.  Despite being extremely grateful for my children (and I am!),  it's easy to lose track in the constant chaos of every day life.  There are days when I collapse into my recliner (assuming … Continue reading The Little Things Are Big Things

Points For Honesty?

Lizzie and Antwan are very close.  There are the typical brother/sister moments, of course.  But, in the end (and most of the rest of the time), they've got each others' back.Antwan is very protective of Lizzie and I enjoy the knowledge that he'll only be one grade ahead of her in school.  God help the kid who … Continue reading Points For Honesty?