How Not To Be Cool

I often wonder what my kids will think of me when they’re older.  Sometimes it helps me remember to take the extra time to have special moments because I know they’ll remember them.  Sometimes it’s the reason I insist on traditions so they can continue them and look back on them, years later when we are gone.

And, sometimes it just makes me feel like a dork.  🙂

So, the other day, Lizzie and I were in the kitchen.  I was busy doing some tedious kitchen activity like loading the dishwasher.  Lizzie said randomnly while pointing to a bottle of water, “Mommy, can we shake this up?”

I couldn’t help myself, I broke into song and dance channeling The Beatles “Shake it up, baby! Shake it up, baby! Twist and shout!”

I was enjoying myself tremendously until I was rudely interrrupted by my annoyed little girl yelling, in her best teenager voice, “Mommy!!!”

I looked at her.  Her fists were clenched, in frustration, but she did have a slight smile on her face.

She looked at me, sternly and said “Mommy, shake it down.”

Shake it down?  Good play on words, little girl!

So, I’ve learned two things from this experience.  My daughter is very clever and I’m going to be a source of constant embarrassment to her when she’s actually a teenager.  But, I suppose by definition, that is my job. 🙂

Mom, I’m on the phone.


P.S.  Part 3 to the Patrick story coming very soon!  I’ll finish it up this weekend! 🙂 

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