Clucking for Free Chicken

This is what I love about my family.  Brian came home from work and I was expecting a mostly boring night since he was planning to watch a football game.  I was fine with the football, but didn’t expect much excitement in my evening.  So, he comes home and says that someone from work said that Pollo Tropical was having a promotion for International Chicken Lovers Day.  (Did anyone else not know that it was International Chicken Lovers Day?)  Apparently, if you show up in yellow and cluck like a chicken, they’d give you a free chicken dinner.

Free chicken?  All we have to do is dress in yellow and cluck?  These are two things that I can do!
Heck, the kids were already in yellow.  I’m famous for color coordinating them, but this time it was an accident. 🙂

So, after investigating and liking Pollo Tropical on facebook, Brian and I got yellowed up.  Brian was forced to wear his Spongebob shirt which he never intended to wear outside the house. Who are we kidding?  I’m the one who wears it in the house. And, I ended up in a heat-retaining yellow jacket.  Small price to pay for 5 free Chicken dinners and unexpected family fun. 

We had a brief, but educational, clucking tutorial with the kids and headed for some free chicken!

Getting ready to go in a do some clucking.  Not so sure about Lizzie…

Antwan is giving me his best enjoying his food pose!
The boys walked in clucking and sat down clucking.

Lizzie is lucky that they gave her chicken.  She refused to cluck.  I guess it’s because she preferred the butter.

No time to look at the camera!  We’re clucking!

It was fun.  Lots of fun.  And, the food was good.  Really good.

When we got home, football was on the tv, but our bellies were full.  And, here’s the important part…I didn’t have to cook! 🙂

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