Pirates Get The Best Doughnuts

I wouldn’t say that I’m a huge pirate fan.  But, when I heard that Krispy Kreme was giving out doughnuts on “Talk Like A Pirate Day,” I suddenly became interested.

Thanks to facebook, I learned that they would give a free doughnut to anyone who came in and talked like a pirate.  Pretty cool!  Or, they would give a free dozen doughnuts to anyone who came in dressed like a pirate.  Extremely cool!

Well, it’s go big or go home with fewer doughnuts, so I was immediately determined to dress us all up as pirates.  Of course, the question was, what’s the limit?  Would they really give us a dozen per pirate?  It seemed doubtful.  But, I was happy with even one free dozen.  So, it was on. 🙂

So, despite the fact that I got the bright idea to ebay my pirate costume, a month ago, because I was sure that I wouldn’t wear it again and hadn’t taken the time to get the kids’ costumes figured out; I rushed home on Talk Like a Pirate Day determined to pirate us up!  I sent the kids to their costume toy box with instructions to pull out everything piratey that they saw, tracked down Brian’s Dread Pirate Roberts’ costume, and opened my closet and realized that I didn’t really have anything that would work.  That’s when I started to panic a little.  I mean, come on, free doughnuts were at stake!

Anyway, there’s no room for angst in this blog.  I figured it out and looked pirate enough to pass the Krispy Kreme test.  We had enough components to create three mini pirates.  And, Brian was quickly ready with his costume and his cool Pirate voice. 🙂  (I don’t have a cool pirate voice…)

We went to Krispy Kreme and learned that they would indeed give us a dozen doughnuts per pirate.  Ok, five dozen doughnuts???  Maybe not literally the happiest moment of my life, but it was probably in the top ten. 

We sat down, quickly went through our first dozen, aarghed at strangers, and then headed home with sugar highs.  

Not a bad afternoon.  Not at all. 🙂

Always posing
All sugared up 🙂


Dread Pirate Roberts, at your service


Our little Pirate Family

Extremely happy with my loot! 😉


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