Being Thankful, Week 2

Week 2!

A lot of the things that I’m thankful for this week are centered around work because I feel like that’s all I did last week.  It’s been an adjustment, but the job’s definitely a good fit.  Just have to figure out how to juggle a little better! 🙂


Nov 11- I’m thankful for the day that I spent with my family, celebrating my Dad’s 80th birthday.  My sister put together an awesome Cub themed party and he loved it.  🙂

Happy birthday, Dad!
Go Cubs!

Nov 12 -I’m thankful that Brian has socks in his sock drawer because ever since I started work and can no longer throw on flip flops, I’ve been wearing his socks non-stop.  I’m also thankful that my pants are mostly long enough to hide my man socks. 🙂

Nov 13 – I’m thankful that there are Reese’s Peanut Butter cups in the office vending machine.  Because, man, those are good!

Nov 14 – I’m thankful that the boys really love extended day and I don’t have to feel guilty for leaving them there while I finish work.   On side note, William asked me if I was planning on sticking with my new job.  When I told him that I was; he pointed out that if I decided not to, I could always be an extended day teacher.  He seemed bewildered when I pointed out that he wouldn’t be in extended day if I wasn’t working. 🙂

Nov 15 – I’m thankful that when I snuck off with Brian’s hairbrush and realized it wasn’t in my bag when I went to return it that I found it on the floor of my van.  Because he’s attached to his brush and he’ s had it longer than he’s had me. 
I’m also thankful that Antwan did a fabulous job in his Thanksgiving play.  The boy knows how to work a pumpkin costume!

Nov 16- I’m thankful that I was able to take an early lunch so I could make it to Lizzie’s Thanksgiving program.  If you’re wondering, yes, she did make an extremely cute pilgrim! 
I’m also thankful for Jennice who watched Lizzie when I had to go back to work and washed all my dishes that had accumulated in the sink. (This is the part where I pretend that the dishes had only accumulated because I’ve been working so much and that never would’ve happened otherwise.  Jennice knows better….)

Nov 17- I’m thankful that Brian was off today and we were able to spend the day as a family.  We had a relaxing day which ended with xbox family time.  That consisted of William racing Daddy, me getting my butt kicked while trying to race Daddy, Antwan racing William because he wasn’t about to take on Daddy, and Lizzie and I finally just giving up and dancing to the xbox music. 🙂

What have I learned?  I’ve learned that my exciting first paycheck purchases should probably be socks and a hairbrush of my own.  (Not too exciting, but maybe they could at least be Batman socks?)  That my kitchen would be better off if Jennice was in it more often.  And, Lizzie can really cut a rug!

Ok, on to next week!


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