Birthdays Are For Baking

One of my other resolutions (yes, I’m over-using the theme!) is to blog more.  The problem is that I have to wait for interesting, thought-provoking things to happen.  Sometimes, when I argue with Kaleb (which, thankfully, doesn’t really happen all that often), I’ll have the inappropriate thought in the back of my head, “Well, at least, I have something to write about.”  Then, I feel guilty for thinking that.  And, then I blog about it. anyway. haha. 

Nothing wrong with that, really.  Not until I start picking fights just to have a topic. Don’t worry, I’m kidding. 😉  But, it is incredibly therapeutic to write about it, get it out of my head a little and to read other people’s thoughts on it.  I also think it’s amazing, beyond words, that sometimes my posts help others.  

But, since these heavy situations don’t happen every day (yay!), I thought it would be fun to post about more fun stuff.  Like, did you know that William and Antwan are training to be Jedis?  (Yes, it’s a thing.)  Or that Lizzie is obsessed with popcorn and her favorite Christmas gift was a hot air popcorn maker? (She’s been talking about it all morning.)  Or that Kaleb is fairly popular and gets invited to way more parties than I ever did? (I’m only a little jealous.)  Or that Brian does a pretty impressive Christopher Walken impression?  (Don’t ever tell him that I said that, though, or he might do it even more often!) Or that I didn’t pick William up from school on Wednesday because I forgot about early release?  And, still didn’t remember when he called.  (I’m sure that you find the last one all too believable.)  

So, in honor of this exciting new plan, I bring you…birthday baking with Antwan!

In lieu of bringing cupcakes in on your child’s birthday, Antwan’s teacher has a monthly birthday baking activity.  Anyone who has a birthday that month gets to help make a special snack for the class and then the class sings to them.

This month, since Antwan turned 8 on Wednesday (the 21st), it was his turn.  Luckily, cookies do ease the pain of my little boy getting older just a little bit.

Oh, and they get to wear these cute hats!

So, they do all of the pouring and mixing.


While the moms stand by and help, as needed.  And take selfies.

The birthday baking volunteers popped the cookies in and out of the oven.  And, it was cookie eating time.  (That was the best part.)

Some side trivia for you!  Antwan LOVES orange.  Can you tell?  He also is wearing two different colored shoelaces because, evidently, his friends said it looks cool that way.  And, those shoelaces are never, ever tied.

Love my big boy.



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