Adagio Tea Adds The Geek

When Candy from geekmamas gave me some Adagio Tea to try, I was definitely on board. Not just because I like tea but I also like geeky tea like the tea from Adagio fandom signature blends.
There are so many fun options that cover countless fandoms and you can even purchase
samplers of some of the blends to get an idea of what you like.

So the teas that we got to try were hot tea samples from their Harry Potter inspired collection, Magic Potions!

The tins have fun names and descriptions of the potions like Felix Felicis which would give you one perfect day. Then there was Veritaserum that would “force the drinker to answer all questions put to them truthfully.” For some reason, none of my kids wanted to drink that one, though…


In Emily style, I made a production to get the kids enthused. My three youngest and I went to our favorite thrift store and I told them to pick out  mugs to drink their tea. I picked out three more for my oldest son, my husband, and myself. I even picked out a festive beer mug for Brian to use. It turned out to be a terrible thing to try to drink hot tea out of because it stays really, really hot. But, I stand by my decision! (And not just because there are no returns, ha.)


Lizzie wanted to add food coloring!

So we had our little tea party the other night. The kids loved picking out which tea they wanted and making it with loose tea bags.

The tea itself just looks cool, I don’t know any other way to say it. I didn’t know that tea could look pretty but it really does.

So this was the night that William, Antwan, and Lizzie discovered that they didn’t really like hot tea. 😉



But, it was also the night that Kaleb discovered that he didn’t dislike tea as much as he thought!

As we brazenly passed the tea mugs around with no concern for the germs we were sharing (I assume the magic kills germs), we discovered there were a wide range of tastes to these teas from heavier to lighter.

I drank my Veritaserum without any sweeteners because I’m a purist (or lazy) but Kaleb found that he liked his Pumpkin Potion even better with some honey. And Brian added some sugar to his Beerbutter tea. So with a little tweaking, you can find a good fit for everybody, except maybe kids who are more partial to slushees. 🙂

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