Singing Is Embarrassing When They Hear You

When I was in kindergarten, my mom decided to play friendship matchmaker with a little girl in our neighborhood and me. We hadn’t lived there that long so I didn’t really know the kids yet.  As my mom asked the girl her name and introduced us, I wanted to run and hide. But that girl ended up becoming one of my closest childhood friends. She and I and two other girls in the neighborhood spent countless hours together over the years. That is until sixth grade when she became popular and I did not.  (But, that’s another much less funny story!)

She was no angel. Through the years, she caused some trouble for me but it’s all water under the bridge. With the possible exception of the scar that I still have in my arm from the time that she stabbed me with a pencil. Ah, memories. 😉

But, she was fun. Lots of fun. And she will always hold a special place in my heart. And she was also responsible for one of my most embarrassing memories to date. Side note: Can you tell that I was googling blog post ideas? 🙂  Anyway, here is probably my most embarrassing moment. I must have done ok in life if nothing beat out fifth grade. Or maybe I just go used to doing dumb stuff.  Who knows?

Anyway, our fifth grade class was taught in a portable trailer. I guess maybe the school was growing. All I know is that my friend was already starting to pull away from me. I’m realizing this now as I look back on it. She also seemed to enjoy making things awkward for me.  She must have because one day, she told me that it was lots of fun to sing in the bathroom because of how it echoed and that I really should try it. (The bathroom was inside the portable with the classroom.) I appreciated any advice that she had for me so I made a mental note to try it. Ok, it’s important to tell you that I was extremely shy and quiet. To the point that I was later signed up for the big sister program because they thought I must be troubled. I was fine, I was just shy. It was rare for me to talk in class and I only relaxed around close friends. Like her.

So one day, I had to go to the bathroom.  And I decided to see if my friend was right. I sang a few bar from “Annie.” She was right, the acoustics were great. I’m not a skilled singer, mind you, but I am skilled at belting it out. So I did. I did a little medley of Annie tunes, complete with a little clapping and dancing routine to “It’s a Hard Knock Life.” I  then moved on to Ah-a’s popular song, at the time, “Take On Me.” Now if you are from my generation, you have seen the video. If you haven’t, there is a part where the character is slamming into the wall repeatedly, trying to break through. That is unfortunately the scene that I decided to re-enact.

I was having a great time. Unaware of how thin portable walls are. But, in hindsight, I really should have been aware. But since I wasn’t, I really did have a great time.  And when I finished my creative bathroom experience, I collected myself, returned to quiet Emily and came out.

I instantly picked up on the combination of my classmates looking at me or trying not to look at me. I told myself that it was my paranoia. But, I soon learned that it wasn’t. As I sat down, Mrs. Foster gently and slowly said (like she was choosing her words carefully), “Emily, in the future, please don’t sing in the bathroom.”

The realization hit me that they had heard it all. They had heard me sing and heard me slam into the walls. I don’t remember how I got through the rest of the day but I do know that I never sang in that bathroom again. 😉

I guess the lesson here is be careful who you trust and think before you sing. Pick your moments seems to fit, too!

Anyone else want to share an embarrassing moment?



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