The One Where I Start Again

So, it’s a new year. The beauty of that is the opportunity to start over. You really can do that any time but the new year gives you the extra encouragement that you need to really do it. Theoretically.

I had a goal near the end of last year to post once at least once a week. I was actually doing pretty well with it. And then my mom was admitted to the hospital and, later, hospice was called in. Obviously, everything else became unimportant. For the weeks after she passed, I couldn’t find the inspiration to write. Well, that’s not entirely true. I had something to say but it was only… I miss my mom. I didn’t want to put everyone through that so I opted for radio silence. Now don’t get too excited, there will still be a couple of “I miss my mom” posts because how can there not be? It’s too important. She’s too important not to talk about.


But, I’m also going to talk about stuff like my kids, random things that I like and, I don’t know, how cool my turtles are? And, reviews, too. And, wow, I definitely have to mention Buddy Bandanas cause that sure was a review that I got wrong!

Hmmm It’s been an eventful couple of months, in some positive ways, too. I quit my job. finally. I completely went overboard with Christmas presents for the family (no regrets)

and I decorated the heck out of my yard!

PhotopadProject (4)PhotopadProject (1)

Now the holidays are over and my life is settling down into my new normal. I’m determined to gain as much control as I can over the things in my life.  God knows, I will never get control of my kids, ha, but maybe, just maybe, I can get control of my house (Speaking of that, I’m totally loving flylady for help with this, ya’ll), and maybe I can also focus on my blog again. As soon as I figure out how to focus!

So, yeah, I’m using the new year and all the openness ahead to give myself the push to make some changes or at least to try.

Oh! And Brian and I joined a gym! Because we are going to get in better shape! And, sure, we have only been once so far and it was to use the hydromassage machine, but now we are super relaxed and ready to go! Well, at least super relaxed, anyway. 🙂


Clearly, I’m on fire so you know, watch out world, here I come….. 😉


What are your goals for the new year?







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