A New Hair-Do Can Change Your Whole Outlook On Life

It is a universal truth (if it isn’t, it should be!) that women change their hair when they want to control something in their lives. I’m no exception. I have been guilty of impulsive hair cutting in my bathroom. I have also been guilty of angry hair cutting after fighting with my husband. There have also been plenty of times that I changed my hair just to shake things up. Because while I have never loved my hair, it’s always been mine. And I can only mess it up so much. That crazy stuff grows back, after all. Even if you cut it all of. Or dye it blue.


But guess what? I love my hair now!

You can’t really see my hair in this pic, even though that was the point of taking it. But you can see that I’m happy so there you go!

I had been thinking about doing something with it for awhile but haven’t gotten around to it. My thoughtful husband got me a Hair Cuttery gift card for Christmas so I wouldn’t feel guilty spending the money.  And after a frustrating day of electrical outlets not working and broken dishwashers, I made an appointment and marched in the next morning for a little of that control that I was talking about.

Hair Cuttery is not known for it’s high class salon experience. Not to suggest that it’s not good because it is but its charm is the quick and inexpensive place to get your cut, colored, or styled experience. So I admit that I was slightly worried. But my concerns were quickly forgotten because I just had the best hair experience of my life. Basically I had the high class salon experience without paying the high end salon prices.

And this is thanks to this lady!

I wanted to go extreme and Audrea helped me make that happen.  She looked at my pictures and listened to what I wanted. She spent all day with me. I walked in at 10:20 am and left at 6:15 pm. (I did squeeze in a break to pick up kiddos and run them home, though.) Between the cut, color and super cute pink streaks (or whatever they are called!), there was a lot to do. But, I felt like she was as excited about my hair as I was and she really made me feel like I mattered.

So, yeah, it took all day. I didn’t know that I was in for that and she probably didn’t either. 😆But, it takes a long time to go from dark brown to blonde. This is especially true when you have a stylist who is determined to get it as light as you want. My ends were stubbornly staying orange and honestly, she could have just told me that I would have to accept that and I would have accepted it. But she kept reapplying and re-timing so that I could have my truly blonde hair.


I can’t say enough good things about Audrea. She has been doing hair for 20 years, she is the salon leader, ex-military and going to school for an IT degree. I’m a bit amazed at her drive as I sit here, searching for the motivation to get dressed.

I’m so in love with my new hair cut. My new hobby is looking at myself in the mirror and not scowling at my reflection. I also kind of love taking selfies now. It’s pretty cool to say the least.


And I also love my new eyebrows because I finally worked up the nerve to get them waxed for the very first time! (I know that’s a little sad. 😂) I’m both relieved and annoyed to say that it wasn’t that bad.


So if any of my local friends need a little self-care/control of your life/whatever you want to call it, go see Audrea Herrera, Salon Leader/Master Designer extraordinaire at 7001 Merrill Road (904-744-8200)! Tell her I said hi. 😊

(And let me know if you are going because I have a $5 off coupon for you!)


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