Picard, A Review

*Possible spoilers ahead but probably not if you saw any commercial about the show. πŸ™‚

So who is watching Picard? When I first heard about it, I was excited, of course. But also a little worried. What if it’s not good? Since Patrick Stewart is the only former, regular character on the show, there is pressure to fall in love with the new characters or at least find a couple that are fun to hate. And what if the storyline is just plain lame? But, either way, I was ready to watch it because…Picard!

I’m happy to say, in my opinion, it is in fact, not lame!

The first episode starts with Picard living the quiet life with a couple of new-to-us friends and his dog (appropriately named Number One). There is clearly angst in his quiet life but it also seems like a nice way to spend your senior years, or any years, for that matter.

The show wastes no time getting the drama going and Patrick Stewart quickly shows that he is still has got “it.” I felt a little protective of him due to his age when any action is involved but that men (Picard and Stewart) can definitely hold their own.

Like any new show, some patience is required while the groundwork is laid and characters are introduced. But, by the third episode, I was all in and they were off. Picard was back to the stars. There might have even been a school girl grin on my face when Picard finally said “Engage” again. 😍 (I also didn’t hate meeting the attractive and cranky new pilot!)

Between the nods to the past, the intriguing new relationships being formed and the unmitigated talent of Sir Patrick Stewart, I have very high hopes for this show. You might say that I’m ready to boldly go wherever it goes…. πŸ˜‰

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