Blogging About Saving Money

A few weeks ago, I applied for a job. (Actually, it was several weeks ago, but I have had a hard time getting back to this post for some reason.) Anyway, yes, I applied for a blogging job. A coupon blogging job. It honestly seemed perfect for me. But, I didn’t get it. But, while going through the process of interviewing and completing sample assignments which I truly question the ethics of, I answered the other question I had. Would I be able to juggle a job and my personal blog.

The answer was no.

So, really, in the end, I’m glad I didn’t get it. I would’ve enjoyed the pay. But, I’d rather go back to really focusing on my blog and trying to make it a success. Whatever that means. If anyone is reading this at all, I’d call it successful. The emotional benefits to writing it are huge so that’s a success. I don’t know why I’m being all fake insightful. Or why I’m analyzing out loud (so to speak/write). Really, I’m just writing this to say, I’m back and I have all kinds of things to say!

I have stories! I have chicken stories, horse stories, car repair stories and a really interesting kid story if I can figure out how to make it vague enough to share, haha. But, for now, let me say that I’m adding a new section about coupons. Basically, I figure since I didn’t get hired to write about coupons then I will do it anyway. I just won’t get paid for it. But, hopefully, I can save us all some money!

I plan to publish those posts on Sundays so that there’s plenty of time to take advantage of the deals. I’m sure it will take me a few weeks to get that going but meanwhile, here are a couple of coupon apps that I recommend and will be referencing in future posts. I think I will anyway, I really don’t know what I’m going to do yet. But, here they are, anyway!

Kellog’s Family Rewards

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