The Van Gogh Experience

Where are my Van Gogh fans?? I was lucky enough to go to the Van Gogh experience last weekend and it was awesome. I went in with high expectations and I wasn’t disappointed. I am fascinated by this man who struggled with his mental health his whole life but still managed to create beautiful works of art.

I already liked Van Gogh and I thought I knew his work but turns out, I only knew a little. That might be because most of my beginning knowledge came from a really good episode of Doctor Who (“Vincent and The Doctor”). Whatever, at least it got me interested!


Everyone has heard about the immersive room and we loved that part so much that we stayed through the program twice.

But I also really liked learning more about his life and seeing his thoughts in his letters to his brother, Theo). The two were very close and were buried side by side, in the end.


Vincent Van Gogh was so much more than the guy who cut off his ear. But, even so, they weren’t going to miss out on an opportunity to capitalize on the famous ear incident! 😆

He was a troubled but amazing man and I wish he had gotten the chance to know how many people have loved his art through the years. The man found beauty everywhere, sometimes in the oddest of places. After all, he painted Starry Nights while looking out of the window of his room at a mental asylum. In 1889, he spent a year in the asylum. His pure talent was not impacted by mental health struggles and he ended up completing around 150 paintings while there.

Tragically, not long after he left the asylum, he reached a point where he couldn’t take it anymore and shot himself. His brother was by his side until he passed.


He left behind art that is enjoyed world-wide and continues to influence artists to this day. And now we have the opportunity to experience it in a whole different way.

The Van Gogh Experience is in Jacksonville, FL through November 27th. And is traveling to many other areas,

If you can, go. You won’t regret it

And for a little extra “fun,” make sure you look into the great man’s eyes. Don’t blink…but he might!

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