Teenagers And Their Talents

Some people talk about how ungrateful and difficult teenagers can be. But I say that we don’t appreciate what they do for us. They can really make a contribution to your life and improve your quality of life while they are at it. Here are some examples!

Alone Time

When my kids were little, I sometimes craved alone time but now I can spend hours in my own home without even seeing any of my kids! I sure have plenty of alone time now!

Use Your Imagination 

Ever wish that you didn’t have to work so hard to entertain your kids? A little weary of make believe games? Well, teenagers are satisfied with a full fridge, Wi-Fi, and money on their cards to buy online games.

Money Management 

Ever wish that you had better time and money management skills? Teens will help with that by only allowing me a few minutes to figure out how much you can transfer onto their debit cards. No need to check a stopwatch, they will keep you apprised of your progress!

Now you might wonder how a teen can both be invisible in your home and also in your face about money, this is just one of their amazing skills!

Housework Help

Ever feel like your house is too organized? Like it lacks that “lived in” feeling? Teenagers have a 6th sense about this stuff and will make sure that you don’t wake up to the clean kitchen that you fell asleep to. This phenomenon also occurs if you clean up before leaving the house.

But, there’s more!

And with all these perks, you might find it surprising that they are also actually quite fun to be around. They really are! I mean, when they aren’t hungry, tired, or cranky… but to be fair, the same could be said for me. 🤣


A little disclaimer for my tongue in cheek post. 😁 I dearly love my teens and all their quirks! And, for the record, sometimes, I’m very aware that they are in the house come out of their rooms and force me to watch YouTube and anime with them. And honestly, I love it


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